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Link your Randalls card to the AHS Theater Department (#477). A portion of your spending is donated to theater department.

Did you know that the Austin school district gives sports and band programs between $120 to $150 per student versus $40 per student to the theater program?  

We depend on the generosity of our parents and community to help the AHS theater department thrive. 

Your contribution will help us put on professional-level productions, send our students to theatre state competitions and workshops, and help with improvements to the theater.  

Please sponsor our 2023-24 season with a generous donation. Many options are available!

All sponsorships will be recognized in our 2023-24 production Playbills, on our website, and in our monthly newsletters.

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Thank you to our 2023-24 season sponsors!


The Faludi Family

The Helsey's

Bill and Shelley Kilday

The Leugers Family

Lydia Street Gallery

Captain Ouzos

Silke Morin and Nelan Schwartz

The Szymczak Family


Judy and Jim Bush

The Calhoun Family

Heather, Lucia and Espen Hansen

The Ku Family

The Lehrach Family

The Nash Family

Cosmo, Elliot, Rory & Phineas


Leslie Blanton

Michelle Bertelsen

The Bruner-Trieff Family

The McConnell Family

The Todor Family


Amanda Kroll

Annie Dragoo

Catherine Wusterhausen

Claire Jones

Daniella Sadeh

Denise Garcia

Drew and Stacy Macintosh

Emily Howell

Hilary Whitfield

Kelly Unberhagen

Kristy Anderson

Leigh de la Reza

Patrick Yannone

Santiago Cotera

Sheyla Gonzalez

Stacey Gardner

Ashley Beard

Sean Henry

Summer Orthman

Rachel Thomas

Nicole Stover

Cortney Easterwood

Rebecca Williams

Shelley Solka

Noah De Lissovoy

Raul Mello

David Sanger

Allison Crutchfield

John Shepperd

Kathryn Erwin

Natasha Siefritz

Sean Peterson

Shaina Byron

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